Child Sponsorship


There are 18 children from the under privileged family background who are getting regular financial assistance for their education and maintenance. More children of such status are in our waiting list. They require immediate financial assistance. Would any individual or donor/donor group come forward with his/their generous hands those waiting children could be brought under this program without delay!

Request for sponsorship for the Children of “Home of the Champions”.




Dear Friend,

Following are the profiles of the 18 children who are being maintained with the Basic Needs and amenities of life at the Home of the Champions of Smyrna Development Society in Anandapur, Savar, Dhaka. Being unable to maintain their children with their meager income, the concerned parents had to put their children in to our Home where they are being maintained with all sorts Basic Needs and amenities of life. But our organization has fund constraint. Therefore it is looking for sponsors to support the children. Could it be possible for any generous personality each to support at least one of the children, please?

We may please be contacted for any further information in the above connections, if required.